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Environmental policy

Reduce paper usage

Minimizing the number of paper copies contributes to a lower resource usage. Hence, Cloudnet has a stated goal to provide an example of a paper-less office. Documents are stored electronically in order to facilitate easy sharing.

Electronic invoices

We are happy to accept supplier invoices by email.

Our preferred way of delivering customer invoices are as pdf files sent by email. We charge an extra environmental fee for invoices sent on paper to encourage the recipient to switch to electronic invoicing.

Energy usage

In order to minimize the energy usage of personal equipment, Cloudnet strives to choose power efficient alternatives. This pertains to equipment that consumes a lot of electricity on a long-term basis, such as switches, firewalls and servers.

Cloudnet is a significant buyer of server capacity. We are giving a lot of weight to the usage of renewable energy, efficient cooling techniques and low power usage when selecting our suppliers.

At present, we can offer server capacity to our customers that is 100% powered by renewable energy at all of our data centers.


Cloudnet encourages the use of video conferencing and other remote work solutions. When travel is unavoidable, environmentally friendly alternatives are chosen.

Cloudnet will only purchase electric vehicles as company cars.

Sustainability goal

Our long-term goal is to influence our suppliers, our customers and Cloudnet as an organisation to minimize our environmental footprint and minimize our resource usage. Where possible, Cloudnet will always select suppliers who can supply environment- and climate-friendly services.


We love outdoor activity. Many of our conferences and company activities are therefor arranged in alpine environment, where snow and nature is an important part of the experience. In order to try to make a difference, Cloudnet is proud sponsor of the international organisation Protect our Winters.