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How the Cloudnet Managed Platform works

Cloudnet Managed Platform is a service suitable for all types of websites and applications running on Linux. The basis of the service is a virtual Linux server delivered to the customer fully installed and prepared to start running your website.

At the time of ordering, you tell us what services are needed for the application to work. If you are not sure about this, we are happy to interact with your web agency or developers to figure out what is needed.

Operating system

Cloudnet always deploy the latest long-term release of Ubuntu, and strives to upgrade previously deployed servers as quickly as possible while still being convenient for our customers.


The standard Cloudnet database backend is MySQL, but we also support PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Solr and Elastic Search should the need arise.


You do not need to be a Linux expert to use the Cloudnet Linux platform. When you are in need of assistance, your experienced buddies at Cloudnet are always available to help and answer your questions.

Key management

Access to the server is managed by Cloudnet with personal SSH keys for best security practices. We are always aware of who has access and can easily revoke it when someone quits their job or when changing circumstances necessitates it.

When ordering new accounts your existing developers will automatically get access to the new account.

DNS management

Let Cloudnet manage your DNS issues, and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary interruptions, problems with spurious SPAM classification and long reply times when doing changes.

Cloudnet has a global presence and high resistance to Denial of Service attacks against the DNS infrastructure using anycast technology.


Cloudnet Managed Platform supports most commonly used deploy methods such as SFTP, git pull, Circle Ci, DeployHQ, rsync, and others. We recommend that you use Cloudnets own deploy method where you do a git push to the server. Please contact us to get started with git deploy.

Custom monitoring

The best way of preventing and discovering problems on your website is to regularly make a call and compare the answer to what is expected. If there are any discrepancies, a Cloudnet service technician is notified immediately. The call may, for example, look for a specific word on the webpage, or utilize a specially made monitoring endpoint that checks up on your application to see that everything works as expected.

The most common configurations


Achieve unsurpassed performance with WordPress on the Cloudnet platform. We run WordPress with Nginx and php-fmp with PHP7. If the need arrives, we can activate caching in Nginx (fastcgi_cache) to be able to handle extreme amounts of visitors. Composer and WP-CLI are installed as standard.


Cloudnet runs Magento with Nginx and php-fpm with PHP7. We have support for both Magento version 1 and version 2. The best performance with many visitors is achieved with caching in both Varnish and Redis.


We run Drupal with Apache and mod_php with PHP7 for the best performance and compability. If the need arises, we help you with installation of Memchache, Redis or Varnish. Composer, Drush and Drupal console are installed as standard.


Cloudnet runs Django with Uwsgi behind Nginx. On the server, Python and Django exist in their own VirtualEnv. Is is also possible to get Redis and/or other helper applications like for example RabbitMQ should you need them.


We run TYPO3 with Apache and mod_php with PHP7 for the best performance. We ensure that all needed components are installed and configured to work properly with TYPO3.

node.js and Go

If you like node.js or Go, we can accomodate that as well! In the case of node.js, we provide a ready-made setup where pm2 monitors your application and you can install modules with npm. If you want to run Go, we are happy to do a Golang setup.