Managed Hosting Max

Maximum performance and availability. The natural choice for our most demanding customers.

An extended version of Cloudnet’s popular Professional package with 24/7 monitoring. A good fit for demanding web sites with high traffic.

To reduce the risk of interruptions during changes to the service, a dedicated test server is included where any modifications can be tried out before applied to the live site.

Also included in the service are 5 domain names and 5 SSL/HTTPS-certificates so you can gather everything that is related to your site at Cloudnet with no extra cost.

What's included in the plan?

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On-call technicianIf Cloudnet's automatic montioring detects any problem with your web site, an on-call technicial will be contacted to resolve the problem. 24/7
SSD storage spaceAmount of super fast SSD storage space available for the web site. System files, log files and similar will not deduct from this space. 100 GB
Processor coresNumber of CPU cores included in the package. Multiple cores will enable more concurrent users without slowing down the site. 8 cores
MemoryIncluded RAM in the package. Advanced applications or web site with high traffic might need more memory to enable high performance. 32 GB
Backup storageMaximum time backups of your data will be kept in case you want to restore an earlier version of your site. 6 months
BandwidthThe connection speed. Multiple concurrent users or large images and moves will require higher bandwidth. 2 000 Mbit/s
Domain namesRegister a new domain name, or transfer an existing domain to Cloudnet. Includes DNS and domain fee. 5 included
SSL certificateSSL/HTTPS for encrypted traffic and better Google ranking. EV and wildcard certificates are available for an extra fee. 5 included
Denial of service protectionDenial of service protection in partnership with Cloudflare. When requested, we can route your traffic through Cloudflare's system to protect you from most types of attacks. Standard
Test environmentDedicated test server for testing new functions and updates before they are applied to your live site. Yes
Price per monthAll prices are excluding VAT. $615

Why Cloudnet?

Premium hosting for demanding sites

Our hosting is a perfect fit for important sites with high traffic. Apart from our high performance, we want you to feel confident in trusting us with your site - that is why we have included custom setup and personal service in all our packages.

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Better than managed hosting

Your web site is in good hands with us at Cloudnet. We work as a natural extension of your team, where we act proactively with hosting issues and server administration (so you can focus on your job). We are always at your service if you need us. Our service is like managed hosting, but better!

Always included

Unlimited transfer

Unlimited data transfer is included in all our plans.


All Cloudnet's plans use lightning fast SSD storage and server processors.

Full access

Unlimited root access for easier troubleshooting, administration and management.


All accounts are regularly updated with the latest system security patches to keep your website secure.


Automatic monitoring system that makes sure everything is running. When any issue is detected, Cloudnet will proactively make sure the correct actions are taken to minimize service interruptions.

No fixed contract

Our vision is to only have customers that need our services and enjoy having us as a provider.


You don't have to be a Linux expert to use our Linux platform. If you need any help your experienced friends at Cloudnet are at your service.


Many times simple adjustments might make your web site faster and better at handling traffic peaks. Don't hesitate to ask for advice so we can share our expertise.


Dual backup systems located at a different location than the servers will give you double protection against data loss.